Welcome to Trappan – students’ living room in Norrköping!

About and contact

Union House Trappan is Campus Norrköping’s best and only union house. Trappan is largely run by non-profit students who are committed to help give students in Norrköping a more enjoyable student life. Together with our non-profit staff, sections, sponsors and Festerier, we make Campus Norrköping the best place to spend your student time.

Day Manager

The person responsible during evening events

Phone: 011-363588

If you have question regarding today’s night at Trappan, for example bringing in an external (non student) guest, please contact the Day Manager. The Day Manager can be reached Thursdays and Fridays from 16:00, and from 18:30 on Saturdays.


Désirée Gartmeister

Site Manager

You can reach her Monday through Friday 9-17:30.
Phone: 073-345 59 06
Email: bokning@trappan.nu

About Désirée

Désirée takes care of Trappan as a whole. She is in charge of our collaborations, our offers and our finances. Together with the other site managers in Linköping, she makes sure that Trappan is well taken care of and an obvious choice in Norrköping.

Annie Lindgren

Event and Operations Manager

You can reach her Monday through Friday 9-17:30.
Phone: 073-345 59 22
Email: dc@trappan.nu

About Annie

Annie works as event and operations manager at Trappan, which involves planning, executing and follow-up of all events, as well as pubs, sittningar and the nightclubs. Annie is also responsible for external events and the day to day operations at Trappan.

Björn Forsberg

Head Chef

Phone: 073-345 59 25
Email: km@trappan.nu

About Björn

Björn is the head chef of Trappan and is responsible for the kitchen and for purchasing food. Contact him for questions regarding the kitchen or food at sittningar, conferences or events.

The operative management team

Alva Wärnå & Elvira Grundström

HR managers for volunteering staff

Amanda Klang

Sound and Lights Crew manager

Alice Mårtensson & Donya Maei

Event Crew managers

Amanda Heikkinen

Photography Crew manager

Email: vimmel@trappan.nu

Elvira Fagerholm & Maria Lagberg

Cooking Crew managers

Calle Andersson & Jessica Sundberg

Bar Crew Managers

Ludvig Petersson


Email: da@trappan.nu

Tim Myllylä & Rikard Vestergaard

IT & Webb managers

Sebastian Stedt

Hosting crew manager

Anja Jarochenko

DJ crew manager

Email: dj@trappan.nu

Kristoffer Warden & Louise Svensson

Table service and waiting crew managers

Olivia Andersson & Jasmine Andersson

Promotion Crew managers