Welcome to Trappan – students’ living room in Norrköping!

Booking Trappan

At Trappan, located in Kåkenhus, an exciting place awaits you! Once opon a time, men and women worked here with spinning yarn and weaving fabric. During the 1990s the building was taken over by Akademiska Hus and Linköping University, and despite having to make big renovations, the building project focused on maintaining the historic aspects of the building as well as sustainability aspects. During 2020 some parts of Kåkenhus was rented to Kårservice Östergötland AB, and the new Trappan came to life.

Arrange a nightclub or a pub

Are you dreaming of a night dancing to your favorite music genre? Do you have a theme for a quiz in store that everyone should do? Or are you just interested in arranging something fun for the students in Norrköping? Then you should contact Trappan with your idea and arrange something! Contact the event manager at dc@trappan.nu if you’re interested in arranging a pub or a nightclub at Trappan.


Arranging a sittning at Trappan is not hard – we help you with everything from planning to execution. Trappan has lots of meals to choose from. Please have a look at the sittning menu.

  • Trappan is located in the center of Norrköping and after the sittning you can sometimes arrange a nightclub after the sittning.
  • We man the bar, handle table service, microphones and music (hiring a DJ is possible).
  • At Trappan we can host 30 to 200 people.

Are you interested in arranging a sittning at Trappan?

Send an email to dc@trappan.nu and tell us which dates you are interested in and how many people you think will come, and we’ll help you further.