Welcome to Trappan – students’ living room in Norrköping!


A nice atmosphere, free entry and enjoying good food and beverages. That’s what the pubs at Trappan are all about.

Sometimes we do live music shows – these are frequented by students or other local talents that put on a show and make the whole house get into the groove. 

Other times we have quizzes which means it’s time to put your thinking cap on! You do the quiz in teams, and you can win nice prizes such as tickets, giftcards or other things. The quizzes are hosted by the event crew or one of the student associations. 

We sometimes also host big pubs that are hosted by some of our student associations. 

If you’re a member of your student union you get a discount on all food that you buy! Show your membership through the STUK app and you’ll get a 20% membership discount.