Welcome to Trappan – students’ living room in Norrköping!

Work at Trappan

Getting involved at Trappan means both making the student social life in Norrköping more lively and making new friends, belonging to a community, getting experiences and merits that are useful in life. As a staff member at Trappan you’re always surrounded by friends, either in front of or behind the bar, in the entrance, in the kitchen or at the DJ table.

Get involved at Trappan

All staff that work at pubs, sittningar or nightclubs are volunteers, and as a thanks you get these benefits:

  • Free entry to Trappan
  • A staff discount on both food and drinks at pubs and night clubs
  • Parties and events for the staff
  • Discount on coffee at Trappans café
  • One free meal per work shift
  • Community – you get to meet students from other programs and faculties
  • Knowledge and know how that help you later in your career

You can easily sign up at our staff portal in order to get involved. At the staff portal you can see all available shifts, collect points by working more shifts and thus gaining your staff perks. The more shifts you work, the more perks you get!

You don’t need any prior experience in order to start working, we’ll teach you what you need to know. Read below about the different teams and decide which one(s) you’re most interested in. Each team has a manager that is part of the operative management team at Trappan.

Our teams

The Bar crew

When you work in the bar you serve the guests food and drinks, and you make sure that the guests are greeted. The pace and the task may vary depending on which day it is. A pub night is different from a nightclub, for example.

The Hosting crew

As a host at Trappan you make sure that both guests and staff feel welcome. The hosts work with the security guards and are responsible for security during events, check the ID in the door and make sure that everything stays calm. As a person you’re calm and read people easily. Door hosts usually work at Saturdays and at bigger pub nights.

The DJ crew

As DJ you fill the dance floor with sweet music. The DJ team usually works Fridays and Saturdays.

The Promotion crew

The promotion crew at Trappan work with the brand of Trappan and promote the events towards students. If you’re good at marketing, layout work, photo editing, movie making, making illustrations or something else that you can bring to the marketing team, you’re welcome to apply. Application to this team is open during the fall semester and the same team work together for a whole year.

The Photography crew

This team is for photography interested people. As a photographer you take photos during pub nights and nightclubs at Trappan. You usually only work a couple of hours during the night, and then you edit the pictures.

The Web crew

This team works with managing and developing the staff portal as well as the externat home page. 

The Cooking crew

The cooking team work during pub nights and make the popular dishes from the pub menu. For sittningar we also need student cooks who help with cooking and plating. Shifts for making the pub menu are available all pub nights, while the shifts for cooking for sittningar are usually Fridays and Saturdays.

The Table Service crew / the Head Waiter crew

As a server you work at the sittningar that are arranged at Trappan. You prepare the venue, set the table, serve food and drinks, and help with cleanup afterwards. Sittningar usually are on Fridays or Saturdays, but sometimes there are sittningar on weekdays. In order to execute the sittning smoothly, a head waiter is needed in order to keep things under control.

As a head waiter you’re the person responsible for the sittning and make sure everything is done at the right time.The head waiter team recruits people among the table service team.

The Lights and Sound crew

The sound technicians often work during live music shows, and the light technicians set the light shows for sittningar, live music shows and the weekly nightclubs. Together they set up stages, rig the dancefloor and the DJ stall to many of the nightclubs at Trappan. If you have a high interest you have all possibilities to join the team and make Trappan your own sound and lights playhouse.

The Event crew

The event team consists of people who love organizing parties, concerts, tournaments, pubs and stuff like that. Do you want to make your dream event a reality? Apply to the event team.